Councilman Markus

Councilman and owner of the Rusty Cup Inn and Tavern in Tumbledown. Father of con man Caled.


Known Aspects
Last Bar For Days – Markus is a shrewd and cunning businessman, at least where his bar is concerned. He often turns his talent for persuasion elsewhere.
Trade Network – Markus has developed a robust network of trade contacts among the various settlements of the Sprawl.

Known Skills
Contacts +2, Rapport +2


Owner and proprietor of The Rusty Cup Inn and Tavern, the only tavern in Tumbledown. Markus is also the father of con man man Caled. As a member of Tumbledown’s ruling council, Markus represents the business sector of the village. He often voices the concerns of traders, shopkeepers and other hardworking folks at the council’s meetings.

Councilman Markus

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