Head Councilman Jayne


Known Aspects
Devious Glad-hander
Loves The Spotlight

Known Skills
Contacts +4
Resources +3, Rapport +3


Councilman Jayne is the uncle of Jak Jayne, and brother to the late Constable Jayne. The death of Jak’s father was a political move, as the constable knew of the Councilman’s corruption. Jak knows of his father’s murder, and has an uneasy truce with Councilman Jayne. This basically means that Jak steers wide of the councilman and never utters a word about his father’s death, and Jayne allows Jak to live in peace.
Jayne is friendly, personable and loud. He loves the spotlight, the adulation of his people, and mingling with his constituents. For the most part, Tumbledown’s people are very fond of their charismatic leader.
Jayne is the head of the Tumbledown ruling council. Along with Councilwoman Arynn and Councilmen Elias, Markus and “Fisherman Joe”, they together make decisions regarding the public welfare and their interactions with other local communities.

Head Councilman Jayne

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