Ordinator Telfan Luwbren

Rugged wilderness ranger, in service to the Remnant.


Telfan is a dark-haired man of average height and build. He has short-cropped beard and mustache. He wears a dark green tunic beneath his tanned leather armor, and leather breeches with tall brown boots. He shuns the Remnant’s traditional red cloak in favor of a brown cloak and hood for camouflage. He carries a wooden walking staff and a well-made, well-used bow.

Known Aspects
Wilderness Ranger – Telfan has spent much of his life exploring the wilderness. He is at home in the sprawl.
Sharpshooting Farmhand – Before being conscripted into the Remnant military, Telfan worked on his uncle’s farm. His skill with a bow caught the attention of an Arlysian officer, who recommended him for the ranger corps.
Remnant Ranger Corps – In the ranger corps, Telfan learned tracking, stealth and marksmanship, as well as Remnant military tactics.

Known Skills
Notice +4
Athletics +3, Stealth +3
Physique +2, Shoot +2, Survival +2
Crafts +1, Deceive +1, Fight +1, Lore +1


Telfan hails from a conquered farming settlement in the northern sprawl, where he worked as a farmhand as well as a scout. When the Remnant took control of his village, him and most of the able-bodied men were conscripted into the military. An officer noted his skill with the bow, and recommended him for the Remnant’s ranger corps.

Telfan currently serves under the command of Edictor Beldan.

Ordinator Telfan Luwbren

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