Flora and Fauna


Thrashers – long-limbed bipeds who hunt the Sprawl. Thrashers move in a hunched, loping gate that masks their height, which can be from 7 to 8 feet for a standing adult. Fur that ranges from light brown to pale grey allows thrashers to blend naturally with the rubble and vegetation of the Sprawl. Their long arms hang down past their knees and are tipped by wicked claws on their human-like hands.
Thrashers are known for their acute sense of smell, which they use to track prey. They typically live in family groups led by an alpha male, along with his mates. However, lone thrashers are not unheard of, especially competing males cast out by the alpha.


Razor Grass – A tall, blood-red grass which can be found growing across the Sprawl and in large fields. Razor grass grows in large clumps, and can reach 7 feet and higher. The touch of razor grass cuts exposed flesh, though it has no visible means of doing so.

Thrush – A fibrous plant used to make rope and twine. When thrush roots are boiled into a tea or mashed and chewed they have a fever reducing quality.

Flora and Fauna

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