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Campaign Aspects

Day to Day Survival (proposed)
Ruins for Miles (proposed)
Falling Down the Food Chain (proposed)


Legacy – The Fall of the Gods
Current – Arlysian Remnant
Pending – The Essence of the Gods


Player CharactersCaled, Chur Tanis, Dhast, Jak Jayne, Zhen-Dou
Non-player CharactersCouncilman “Fisherman” Joe, Councilman Markus, Head Councilman Jayne, Katar Evergon, R’ark, Sergeant Ednof

The World

Geographical Regions – The Sprawl
Settlements Ash, Last, Station, Tumbledown
Other Locations – R’ark’s Castle

Flora and Fauna


Remnant of Arlysia

Needs Work

A list of NPCs that still need pages.

Main Page

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