Lock It Down

A community within the Sprawl that exists entirely within one of the few remaining intact large structures of the ancients. Station is located deeper into the Sprawl than other communities. Due to its proximity to the threats and beasts within the deeper ruins, Station has grown into a community with a focus on its military and defense above all others.

Station is named after the structure in which it resides: a massive, disused transit station. It’s thick walls and spacious interior provide a natural fortification against the hazards of the Sprawl. Destroyed monorailways run through the old transit building, and forming natural roads through the Sprawl. The large entryways through which they once traveled have since been barricaded to limit entry into Station.

The large oculus of the roof allows natural sunlight to cover most of Station. Residences and homes are built in and along Station’s various boarding platforms, and a huge tower connecting the station floor to its roof houses Station’s rulers and elite. This includes the office of the current sitting general, General Gyral.

Notable Personalities

General Gyral
SGT Ednof


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