Exiled King of Rogues, leader of the Black Blades.


R’ark is of average height, and somewhat broad build. He appears to be in his early 50s, with long white dread locks. A long scar runs from his forehead across his eyeless socket and down to his chin, but his remaining left eye conveys iron will and steely resolve. He wears the tanned hide of some canine, along with a black cloak. His right hand clutches a silvery-metal rod.

Known Aspects
King of Rogues – R’ark led a bandit crew in the North before his exile, and he now leads a band of skilled warrior-rogues called the Black Blades in the Southern Sprawl. He commands their unwavering loyalty.
Exiled by The Remnant – He ruled in the North Sprawl for 20 years, only fleeing south when the Remnant drove him away. He hates the Remnant, and longs to drive them from his homeland and reclaim his throne there.

Known Skills


When the party first encountered R’ark, he had called an assembly of more than 100 bandits and raiders of various groups to a “Parliament of Outcasts”, located at his castle near Station. Shortly after the Dhast met him, an army of the Remnant laid siege to his castle, and eventually overtook it. He is presumed dead or captured by the Remnant.

As R’ark spoke to the assembly, a seemingly supernatural awe overtook the assembly, and even affected Jak. Only Dhast was able to shake off the effect.


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