Reclaimer Halder

Calloused, Authoritarian Remnant Captain


A haughty and cruel man

Known Aspects
Callous, Authoritarian Remnant Edictor – Halder holds nothing but disdain for the uncivilized people of the sprawl, and would use his considerable combat skill to subjugate or kill any whom stand in the Remnant’s way.
Weakness for the Sauce

Known Skills
Fight +4
Provoke +3
Athletics +2, Physique +2


Reclaimer Halder led a scouting expedition in the woodlands just south of Tumbledown, and was the first group of remnant soldiers encountered by the party. His group captured a small band of traders from Last, which was subsequently rescued by the patrol of Sergeant Efnof and Tanis, along with help from Caled, Dhast, Jak and Zhen. At the battle’s conclusion, Halder was left for dead while Sergeant Ednof walked away with his sword.

“Reclaimer” is a unique title in the Remnant’s military structure. Ednof’s official rank is “Edictor”.

Reclaimer Halder

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