Sergeant Ednof

A veteran soldier from Station with a problem with authority.


A muscular man in his mid 30s with short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears leather armor, and carries a wooden shield and bronze sword. Efnof has a stern and militaristic bearing, and a straight-to-business attitude.

Known Aspects
Station Sergeant with Discipline Issues – Ednof sometimes butts heads with his superiors if he thinks they’ve made a bad call. Station officers have overlooked much insubordination over his service because of Ednof’s effectiveness as both a leader and a soldier.
Scarred Sympathizer – Ednof has seen a lot of action and a lot of death in his years of service, and it shows in his attitude. However, he hides an abiding empathy and compassion for the weak, and a fierce loyalty to the men in his command.

Known Skills
Fight +3
Physique +2, Athletics +2
Empathy +1, Shoot +1


Sergeant Ednof is a patrol leader from the town of Station. He commands the squad that patrols near Tumbledown’s border.

Chur Tanis was part of Ednof’s squad during his recent visit to the village, and was charged with negotiating Tumbledown’s entry into an alliance with the settlements of Ash and Station at Ednof’s orders.

Sergeant Ednof

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