Stay Alert, Stay Alive

Tumbledown is a large community at the far southern edge of the South Sprawl. Roughly 200 people call Tumbledown home, though that number is hard to nail down given that travelers are in and out of the town on a regularly, and many fringe dwellers live in the ruins near Tumbledown, but not within the community proper.

The settlement is build at the juncture of the Grey River, which south from the Sprawl and continues into the wilderness past Tumbledown, and the partially-standing wall that marks the Southmost border of ancient Arlysia. The inside of the hall has many rooms, and houses some of Tumbledown’s important figures, as well as the bronze treasury, forge and jailhouse.

Tumbledown was named after the standing ruin of a stone tower- the area’s tallest structure. This tower stretches 90 feet into the air. Half of the tower’s walls have collapsed into the nearby Grey River, creating a ford and entrance into the settlement. Because of it’s advantageous position overlooking both the town and the river, it is used as a watch post by Tumbledown’s constable.

Located on the edge of the Grey River which cuts through the Sprawl and in the lee of a half intact portion the ancient city’s border wall, Tumbledown sustains its population primarily with farming the fertile lands on the river’s edge.

Notable Personalities

Constable Garik
Head Councilman Jayne
Councilman “Fisherman” Joe
Councilman Markus


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